Healthcare, across the globe, is growing exponentially with increasing concerns about the shortage and quality of the workforce. This shortfall has come into focus since the onset of the Covid pandemic, which has diverted existing resources to manage a significant inflow of patients requiring specialist treatment in a clean clinical environment.

Recognising the urgent need to enhance the existing workforce and introduce new and passionate talent into the medical sector, across the world, Apollo Hospitals Group established Apollo Health Sciences (AHS). Apollo Health Services is a focused and integrated ecosystem of services that facilitates the world’s finest medical education, skill enhancement, talent acquisition and international placements. Backed by Asia’s largest independent health provider, Apollo Hospitals Group, AHS has been established with a vision to address critical healthcare gaps and improve access to qualified professionals where needed the most.

The United Kingdom has an immediate need to train and recruit additional healthcare workers to address the current shortfall in the NHS. AHS is extending its services to appropriately qualified staff in South Asian countries and healthcare providers in the UK. AHS is also providing aspiring medical students a pathway to study the UK’s renowned undergraduate medical programmes at Apollo Buckingham Health Science Campus (ABHSC), Crewe, UK. AHS aims to nurture a new generation of healthcare leaders that are inspired to treat patients with care and compassion, using latest innovations.


To be the preferred choice for healthcare education, and sourcing nursing and clinical professionals, to support UK healthcare.


To develop the highest quality workforce solutions for UK healthcare providers by:

  • Collaborating with academia to provide education and training places for nursing and medical staff.
  • Sourcing and placing nursing and medical staff into healthcare providers.

Core Values

  • Clinical Excellence
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Social responsibility
  • Equality and diversity